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At first glance, Tibor Malkáv is an ordinary 37-year-old man, having serious communication problems. He is precise and silent. Though not rich, he can buy whatever he needs. He doesnt depend on his job financially. He loves being a forensic pathologist.
A few floors up in the hospital where he works lies his mother with cancer in her spinal cord. No matter how speechless or shallow this relationship is, Malkáv has no other relatives. He promises he will not let her die.

But the surgery can only be performed in Sweden and the cost is far beyond Malkávs means.
One day a one-eyed person introducing himself as the Cyclops sits at his dinner table and makes him an offer: if Malkáv kills an unknown person, the Cyclops will provide the money for the Swedish hospital. Malkáv takes the job.
A few days later he kills the person he had never met before.
Soon it turns out to be the greatest mistake of his life.
Two days later Malkáv receives a letter from his own victim. Szirmai must have posted it on the day of his death. In the letter he says he wants to meet Malkáv, because he found out that they had the same father whom they had never met so they are brothers.
And so the investigation starts, with the murderer trying to find out who his victim was