Budapest Spa Vision



A38 HajĂł

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Budapest is not by chance called the city of spas. The geologic features of the Hungarian capital include  countless thermal springs, on which many thermal baths have been built. These spas are visited by both citizens and tourists not only due to their healing effect, but also for relaxation.  Each bath has its own special image – both from the aspect of architecture and its regular public. But they have all one thing in common: their special atmosphere, the special interaction between water,  vapour and steam, in which  the sounds, lights, colours, contrasts slur.


This is a special, enchanted world, which its visitors fall in love with at the first glance, since no matter whether these buildings have been restored or not, they are hiding stories more centuries old within their walls.

The exhibition of photographs by Márk Simon introducing the Budapest spas will be opened by a 45-50 minute long video with music featuring a live VJ, which aimes to introduce the Hungarian spa culture well-known in Europe and worldwide. Breaking with the tradition of the commercials, this film uses the internationally renown visual language of the XXIst century, presenting the Budapest spa heritage from the view of two young people, presenting its riches, past and present. The videos and shots made on the premises or used from the archives introduce the Hungarian spa culture from a very special and fresh view.